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Natural Step Bath Mats

Make wet bathroom floors and damp soggy unhygienic mats a thing of the past!

Our stylish, super-absorbent mats dry faster than you can dry yourself.

Made with 100% sustainable, naturally antimicrobial materials. A great eco-friendly way to keep your bathroom dry and clean.

Free next day delivery.

Complete refund if you don't love your mat.

Buy once and we promise you'll have a mat for life!

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At the end of its life, we'll replace your mat for free

60 days to change your mind; no obligation

Dry & antimicrobial Vs. Wet, germ loving mats

No machine washing; No landfill at end of life.

What our customers say...

"I am a complete convert who will never go back to fabric mats! Less water everywhere after my shower and stay in position much better than my old mat that I sometimes slipped on."

Melissa, Wakefield

"Really impressed! It dries really quickly leaving no marks. It looks fantastic and saves me looking at a damp mat wondering when I last washed it!"

Carl, Manchester

"Mines been great, nice to step out of the shower onto dry land instead of a soggy material mat."

Liam, London

"What a great product, dries fast, looks wonderful and of course saves on machine washing and drying so less damp washing around the flat!"

Victoria, Cheshire

"I forget it's there, I've gotten use to it. Mine has been really good."

Anne, Cork

"I like cool, new stuff but also want to buy ethically so this is perfect, everyone should have a bath mat they will never have to replace and can wipe clean, such a simple way to cut your carbon footprint and save a few quid."

Lewis, Stockport

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Very absorbent

Dry to the touch in seconds


Stays fresh unlike traditional bath mats


Stops bacteria growth and other nasties

Warm to touch

Looks like stone but feels like wood

Improves hygiene

Natural Step bath mats are made from a unique mix of naturally occuring rock sediment. They are anti-microbial and prevent mould. Say goodbye to damp, bacteria-laden mats!

Super absorbent

Natural Step bath mats quickly absorb moisture into their complex, porous structure. The water evaporates, leaving the mat clean, dry and ready to use once again.

Kind to you and the planet

No need to machine wash a Natural Step bath mat, saving an average household up to 250 kW of energy per year. Reducing carbon footprint by 50 kg.co2 and saving £67!

Last a lifetime

Buy once, lasts forever! We promise to replace your Natural Step mat at the end of its life, free of charge! The old one will be ground into a powder and used to help plants preserve water in dry soil. Circularity not landfill.

Image courtesy of Ash Young, Derbyshire

Latest Articles

Choosing bath mats

The simple bath or shower mat isn't the straight forward choice is once was. There are now a huge number of materials and designs to choose from. Check out our blog article 'Which type of bath mat is right for you?'

Are bath mats recyclable?

Our mats are designed to last. At the end of their life, we urge you to return them to us and we will grind them into a material that can be reused to make more mats, or added to soil to improve moisture retention. Even if you put them in your bin they will do not decompose and release polluting gases in landfill as the alternatives might.

Most bath or shower mats tend to be either a cotton or a synthetic alternative with a rubber or similar plastic backing. Most recycling systems are very poor at separating materials that are bonded together therefore such products are highly unlikely to be recycled. Wood or bamboo mats tend to eventually rot under wet conditions and the coating applied to them to prevent this will ultimately make them difficult to recycle. Check out our blog on which types of bath mats can be recycled and which can't.

Can a bath or shower mat go in the washing machine and dryer?

According to appliance technicians, fabric bath and shower mats are too bulky and become heavier when wet than modern washing machines are designed to handle. Natural steps bath and shower mats are kept clean without the need for wasting energy and water using a washing machine and dryer, simply wipe clean. Most conventional bath and shower mats are routinely machine washed, but the temperature is too low and therefore insufficient to kill all bacteria or too hot and will shrink the material. Machine washing and drying is very problematic for rubber backed bath mats as the material will degrade and clog the washing machine over time, shortening the life and landing you with a sizeable repair bill. Check out our blog covering this question in full.

Are bath mats unhygienic?

The answer is that traditional fabric bath mats are not hygienic at all, to read all about why please click on our article. Natural Step bath mats overcome the issues relating to traditional, damp bath mats.

Bath mats - Do we really need them?

You need food, water, a place to live, friends, family but most 'things' we don't need. The purpose of a bath or shower mat is prevent slips and also damage to your bathroom floors, so a bath mat is useful if not totally essentially. Natural Stap bath mats are more useful than most, which we think are pretty pointless or create their own problems. We fully encourage you to buy less stuff, unless it serves a genuine purpose in your life and isn't horrific for the planet