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About the brand

At Natural Step, we're passionate about helping our customers make a positive impact on the environment. We offer a clean, quick-drying alternative to soggy, unhygienic bath mats that require frequent washing and drying. Our product is designed to last a lifetime, so you'll never have to buy another one again.

 We believe that businesses have a responsibility to give back, which is why we're proud to be a 1% for the planet member. We support Moors for the Future, Keep Britain Tidy, and The Carbon Literacy Project to make a difference in the world.

 We're committed to reducing our environmental footprint, and we've been able to lower it each year. Our operations are carbon-neutral, which we measure and certify through Climate Partner.

 Join us in creating a better future for our planet with Natural Step.

Andrew Cameron Founder of Natural Steps Bath Mats

Our Vision

"I am fascinated by finding ways of reducing environmental impact and changing the way we think about products.

The traditional bath mat with its rubber backing combined with woven cotton or synthetic materials stuck as a flawed product. They need constantly washing and drying and often damage washing machines as they break up, and remain damp and unhygienic if not washed regularly. The alternative wood or bamboo bath mat doesn’t absorb water so is not fit for purpose.

Up to 50 kg/co2 per year of carbon are created each year by machine washing and drying 2 cotton bath mats in a household. Even if people aren’t being that hygienic, the reality is millions of households could stop this wasteful use of resources and replace it with a more effective product, a Natural step bath mat.

I want to create functional products out of materials that can easily be stripped back to their original form and reused in the same or an alternate capacity without the need for energy intensive recycling processes is a vision of the future we would like to see; a vision Natural Steps bath mats embody! Traditional bath mats are rubber backed and their simply is no recycling system in place for segregating hybrid products, so they will end up in landfill or incineration."

Andrew Cameron, Founder of Natural Step

Re-imagining the humble bath mat to improve hygiene, save time and lower environmental impact

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Product for life

Our mats are made of natural stone mixes which form a highly absorbent, anti-microbial material to soak up water from feet and quickly dry. At the end of the product life, the mat can be returned to us, a free replacement will be issued and the old mat will ground up and used to help plants in dry soil retain moisture. The dream that rock dust can be used to help tackle the climate crisis is one that excites me, as is the mass scale adoption of these products to help reduce energy use in our daily lives.

How can we provide a bath or shower mat for life?

We are sure you will love our bath mats, so much so that you will want to tell your friends and family about them and our mission. If we can grow through word of mouth, we don’t have to feed the tech giants with lots of marketing spend so we can afford to provide a ‘free mat for life’.

Remember 1% of every sale goes to help to fight climate change through our commitment to 1% for the planet movement, a totally transparent way of giving.

Watch now

Our bath mats are a small positive change but won't save the planet as many product claim. They are a small step to reduce carbon emissions, however the changes below are far more impactful!

Fly Less

Or not at all. Our team recently went to Amsterdam on a train, it was 4 blissful hours!

Eat Local

Checking the labels of the food you purchase, buy UK produced first and avoid fresh food that has travelled a long way!

Leave the car at home

Cycle, walk or get public transport to work. Car share if you have no option.

Eat less meat

Particularly red meat, it's healthier and good for the planet

Buy 2nd hand

Think to yourself, do I need this at all. Electronics like TV’s are the biggest carbon emitters, followed by clothing.

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