Bathroom and shower mats are a common household item, so it goes without saying there will be plenty of options when it comes to buying them. This article gives a quick overview of the offerings on the most popular online stores and suggests some luxury and novel innovations you may not be aware of.

Most searched for bathroom and shower mats by volume:

Some interesting others offering UNIQUE products you might want to take a look at:

Best for choice of bath mats

  1. The Range (Over 600 options)
  2. Dunhelm (482 options)
  3. Next (206 options)
  4. Harrods (171 options)

Best Price on Bath and Shower Mats

Prices true as of 29/11/2022

  1. Ikea from £2.25
  2. The range from £3.50
  3. Argos from £4

Best Bath Mats for Innovation

  1. Natural Steps
  2. JLM

Best for attractive designs

  1. Next
  2. The range
  3. Natural Steps
  4. The White Company 
  5. Harrods


Overview of the best places to buy bath mats

Dunhelm bath mats (4400 monthly searches)

A mamoth 482 different bath mat designs to choose from! Prices start from just £5 with highest price £40. The majority of the mats available are synthetic or cotton, they do have a few memory foam and wooden options. A great place to go for choice and price. The reviews appear to be honest reflections of customer opinions. No mention of the environmental impact of the mats.

Asda bath mats (2900 monthly searches)

79 options from just £5 to a maximum of £14. Mainly fabric bath mats on offer with an extensive range of designs. There are a few wooden options too. As you would expect the quality and look of the products is not premium. No mention of environmental impact or much detail about products.

Natural Steps bath mats

Although only 10 designs they are all very attractive. The unique selling point of these mats is that they dry incredibly quickly and unlike fabric, do not breed bacteria or require machine washing. A great choice to save you time, money, effort and reduce your environmental impact.

 15% Natural Step Bath MAts


Argos bath mats (2400 monthly searches)

5 types of mat available Cotton, Polyester, PVC, Bamboo and Rubber. They have 40 different products in total. Prices range from £5 to £28. A nice mix of budget products and more premium looking finishes. No mention of environmental impact.

Ikea bath mats (1900 monthly searches)

Simple designs in 6 finishes in a variety of styles and sizes. 40 products in total. Exceptionally cheap, starting from £2.50 to £20. They do have a strong commitment to using recycled materials. No bright colours or patterned designs. Minimalist and basic, no interesting designs.

The Range bath mats (1600 monthly searches)

An incredible choice of bath mats in over 20 different materials, 14 different brands and Over 600 different designs available. Starting from just £3.50.

There only appears to be fabric options and there is mention of environmental impact.

Next bath mats (1600 monthly searches)

206 bath mats to choose from. Attractive and diverse range of styles, designs and sizes. Well-known brands such as Laura Ashley, Joules, DNKY Orla Kiely, Lacoste ranging from £10 to 40. All options are fabric bath mats.

Harrods bath mats

171 luxury bath mats to choose from. As you would expect, there are some exquisite designs. Prices range from £49 for Ralph Lauren mats to a staggering £2799 for Abyss and Habidecor. All mats are fabric, typically Egyptian cotton.